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Thread: Mages and pvp

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    Default Mages and pvp

    Topic was made about this a couple months ago and just wanted to post it again so the devs could read it and please please please fix mages before xpac comes out... don't want to wait several months before I could actually survive as a pvp mage

    Think one great help would be to give lifebound veil and lifegiving veil same heals on all dmg done not just better to do life dmg (aoe and st can stay the same). Best dps is pyrodom, toss 11 points into chloro to pick up lbv and bloom and use the dmg from pyro to pick up more heals it would be a lot better, since it has better more powerful instant casts w/ dom and we might be able able to hold our own against rogues and warriors (maybe..... no 100% guarantee)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post
    Knowing that Mages have the weakest armor, they especially have to pay attention to keep their oponents in a certain distance by using CC´s. This has always been the Mages gameplay and this will probably not change any time soon.
    Additionally Mages should rank pretty high in dmg for compensation for their cloth-armor beeing the weakest protection in the game.

    This not being so, because dmg and burst-dmg of all the other classes rank a lot higher as the of Magicians. Furthermore Marksman with a better armor and the highest range can easily deal a lot of dmg while walking and jumping arround. The standart-skills are not debillitating. This being their Finisher, in particular the „Rapid Fire Shot“ is one of the, that can not be escaped easily and causes serious burst-dmg.

    Mage has to spend 51 points to get his Finisher; Rogue only has to spend 12 points.
    Mages has to stand still and cast to get charge; Rogue gets his Combo-Points while running.
    In addition to that Roue´s spell-range is increased.

    What if a Mage could use his Fireballs instant?
    What if a Mage could use Fulminate, after casting 5 Instant-Fireballs?
    And what if his spell-range additional would be increased by 5 meters?
    You would call him a Marksman.

    So Rogues should stand still and have long cast-times like Mages.
    Or Rogue´s Instant-Spells should not give them any Combo-Points.

    To keep distance:
    Thanks to the Immune-System this hasn´t worked for Rift in a while. The Mage can not rely to his CC-Skills anymore wich is a great necessity to ensure survival. Especially against Melees in a 1 vs. 1 chances for a win a not as great.
    Surrounded by invincible Warriors and Rogues casts can not be completet due to the circling motion of the opponent(s).
    And there is nothing to oppose the enormous dmg. Even their dmg and burst-dmg (in particular of Rogues and Warriors) is by far higher as the of the Mage.
    Mages can only rely on „Flicker“, the one and only spell to escape; however Rogues and Warriors posses hundreds of thousands of gap-closers and other talents with extreme short CDs that prevent the Mages escape.

    What if a Mage would have one Soul with 6 different Flicker-Spells (cd 25 sec)?
    What if a Mage would simultaneously deal a lot of dmg by using the Flicker-Spells?
    You would call him a Riftstalker.

    Further Mages CC-Skills such as „Transmogrify“ or „Fear“ most likely vanish into nothing because Warriors and Rogues seem to be immune constantly. The immunity in PvP increases this even more. So in gerneral the Mage has no CC-abbilities that he can rely on in PvP. This will definitely lead to the Mages death.

    Why and for what reason do Mages still have CC-Abbilities???

    In addition to that Dots and Debuffs are beeing cleansed by the Opponents and so become useless.

    Moreover other classes show talents, that for a short term provide immunity against (Magic-) dmg. And again the Mage has nothing to counter against wich will lead to his death. It would be different if the Mage would have 100%-dmg-reduce-talent to at least ensure his survival for a short time.

    The Mages worst opponents are still the Rogues and Warriors. I indeed do not know any other MMO in wich Warriors or Rogues are so overpowered as here in Rift. This, and I am sure that any other Mage-Colleges will back me up, is becoming more and more frustrating.
    Rogues appear out of stealth, are stunning, and you die within a second without having a chance to react against.

    Stun, dead, ..., stun, dead, ...

    Meanwhile Warriors are even worse.

    What if a Mage would be invincible, suffering no damage at all; but at the same time killing each and everybody with just one single hit while rushing through the rows of enemies?
    You would call him a Warrior.

    Morover Rogues and Warriors show a bunch of help- and usefull CC-options that in an odd kind of manner work, Self-Heal and in particular many Outs and Immunity against CCs and dmg, so that the Mage absolutely stands no chance to rise against Warriors and Rogues.
    I know a couple of Rogues and Warriors that are pretty disapointed, when they cant terminate a Mage within in 3 Seconds in a 1 vs. 1.

    In gerenal you can say that Mages became more and more useless and without any chance in PvP and 1 vs. 1 situations.

    I really hope that Trion will soon find a solution to finally change this.

    Maybe by supressing the PvP-Immunity with a simultanious decreasing of the dmg and heal for ALL classes in PvP; or other options.

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    Can't edit...?

    If the veil change is a bit op, keep it the same BUT make all types of attacks heal mage for % of the dmg done on crits (like blade of element)

    Or give us a new veil that gives us a % of life back from doing dmg, so one for tank heal, one for raid heal and one for self heal

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    I seem to live just fine on my fire mage 1v1 blink and slowing i can get away to keep nuking. I do stack as much End as i can buff pots flasks what ever. Its the only way but you can survive.

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