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Thread: Returning mage...Feeling overwhelmed.

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    Default Returning mage...Feeling overwhelmed.

    Hello everyone.

    I started playing Rift in Beta, unfortunately I've had to take several breaks from the game due to either crappy computers/internet, or real life stuff.

    The last time I played Rift was in January. I was juuuust starting HK, but honestly I was a tad undergeared even then. Now I'm returning and feeling pretty overwhelmed; what do I do first? wow I forgot about that spell! jeez, this build is outdated, wtf is this new mark for?

    Hell, I just queue'd up for an Expert and realized it was entirely possible I'd get thrown in an instance that wasn't even around last time I played (idk if there's any new ones since ember isle).

    So here I am on the mage forums looking for some advice.

    As a returning mage what should I do to get myself back in sync with the game? If it helps, here are my stats in PvE gear:

    687 Int
    1458 Spellpower
    999 spell cirt (1 short...really??)
    383 Focus
    108 water resist (rest of them suck)

    So, what do you guys think I would be able to run? Which marks should I get from the Expert dungeons? Is it even worth stockpiling the Tier 3 marks, or should I continue my T2 set first? What build should I run?

    Any and all advice is totally welcome and appreciated.
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    I'd be going for the Greater Marks of Ascension. especially if you don't have 4/4 HK set yet.

    Infernal marks you earn at the same rate through dungeons and weekly raids, but the items are about 60% more expensive. eg, Nyx's gloves are 50 GMOA, Infernal Gloves are 80 infernal marks. The jump from nyx's set to infernal is also relatively low. I think i worked it out at something like 63sp being gained going from my half set of nyx's relics to infernal epics. So not insignificant, but not massive.

    There've been no new dungeons since Caduceus Rise with ember isle so you're fine there. ID and PF are the new raids since then, but you're unlikely to accidentally fall into a group for them

    The specs have barely changed since January, so you're pretty fine there too. Check the guides and bluedots to refresh I guess. I love stormcaller/pyro for dungeon running, chloro/pyro for heals. There's guides for both floating around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doobism View Post
    I think i worked it out at something like 63sp being gained going from my half set of nyx's relics to infernal epics. So not insignificant, but not massive.
    Full Nyx relics to full ID armor relics is almost exactly 100 SP, so definitely Much more efficient to go for the greater marks and get the 4/4 Nyx first.

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    Like they said, Greater Marks would be best, considering your gear level. Just start doing dungeons for one. From there, I would look for a guild that can help you out a bit, even if it's just a large guild with nice guild perks (the guild perk that gives you a chance to get a bonus Mark is very nice).

    Regarding build, try 36pyro/30warlock for DPS and pick up a 51chloro/10warlock/5elementalist for healing (the 51 chloro part is what matters most - the rest is fairly arbitrary). You'll get faster dungeon queues being able to queue as support/healing/DPS. Keep in mind that in most groups, nobody actually wants the support to play support - they want the support to DPS. But in the event of someone actually asking you to do it, you will have your 51 chloro spec on hand.

    If you go outside of dungeons into raiding with a guild, or even doing pug raids, I suggest picking up a 51 archon build also - it's a somewhat unpopular, but extremely useful support role in 20 man raids and you can do decently with it even with poor gear. And speaking of pug raids, you can get additional Greater Marks by finding pugs doing the weekly raids, which are all below HK in difficulty: They are always one 20 man quest and one 10 man quest, alternating between Greenscale's Blight and River of Souls (20 man), and Gilded Prophecy and Drowned Halls (10 man).

    The Greater Marks are one of the quest reward options, similar to the dungeon setup.

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