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Thread: New reveal (all new abilties/passive buffs)

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    Default New reveal (all new abilties/passive buffs)

    So I had gone through the live video and paused it any time I could see them scroll over an abilitiy or passive buff. Hope you enjoy!

    Passive buffs:
    Combat mastery (2x)- Increases all damage done by 5%
    Eldrich reply (2x)- upon dodge or parry 50% change to reduce next cast by 2 sec and cause it not to trigger global CD
    Magnetic blade (5x)- Increases chance to parry by 2% and damage of slashing attacks by 1%
    Eldrich power (2x)-increases slashing chance to proc Eldrich Armor by 10%
    Living Charge (2x)- Charged blade now increases all damage by 5%
    Desperate Response (3x)- Gives Conditioned response 20% chance upon being hit to reset CD when under 50% health (once every 3 sec)
    Eldrich Knowledge (5x)- Increases Spell Power by 2%
    Blade Shield (Not Sure)- Planar Shield now reduces incoming damage for the next 7 hits
    Leaf on the wind (5x)- Increases dodge chance by 2%
    Improved Blade rush (2x)- Allows blade rush to be used in combat with a 100% chance to stun enemy for 2 sec

    Conditioned response (CT-instant) (CD-30 sec) (+9 charge)- restores x health to Mage (CD is reset if Mage receives crit (no more then once every 5 sec)
    Storm shroud (CT-Instant) (CD-1 min)- makes mage invisible for 10 sec (any damage will break steath)

    Reapers Blade-all slashing attacks deal additional x damage and heal for around 1/3x. Other attacks have 20% chance to proc this. If enemy dies within 6 sec of mage hitting them, increases damage by 10%.
    Lightning Blade- Slashing attacks will deal additional x damage, all other attacks have 20% chance to deal x damage.
    Eldrich Armor- Slashing attacks have 30% chance to reduce next cast time by 2 sec.

    Dom changes/adds:
    Broken spirits- Increases damage done by dom abilities by 10% (2x)
    Control Flash- Reduces cast time on Storm Shackle and Mass Exhaustion by 50% (2x)

    Malevolent Shield (CT-instant) (CD-20 sec)- Absorbs 50% of healing done to enemy for 10 sec (x amount)
    Pain armor (61 points)- Increases all damage by 15%. When hit deals 20% of damage taken (death damage) to all enemies under CC (does not break CC).
    Lightning wall (charge consumer) (CD-30 sec) (CT-Instant)- Creates 15 meter wall in-front of Mage, deals x damage then another (~1.75x) over 3 sec

    Storm surge (CT-1.5 sec) (CD-30 sec) (+11 charge)- consumes all E charges on enemy then deals x damage to 5 enemies (divided equally) within 7 meters of original target.
    Lightning Arc (CT- 1.5 sec) (CD-30sec) (+11 charge)- Chains 10 enemies, then each player hit by chain hits another 5 enemies in area for x damage. (similar to the way soul drain works)

    Tempest armor-increases all resists by 50. Gives single target air/water damage to make next AOE instant cast (can not proc more then once per 10 sec)

    Prime (CT-instant) (CD-30 sec) (+9 charge)- applies max combust to enemy. Then deals x damage per stack over 8 sec.

    Force of nature- Increases spell damage by .5% and pets damage by 5% for each point spent in Elemetalist soul

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    thanks for goin over all the footage and posting the info.
    Experience is the best teacher.. if you can afford the tuition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyDaz View Post
    thanks for goin over all the footage and posting the info.

    I agree. LOL
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    One more for you:

    Phase step: Deals damage to 5 enemies in quick succession whilst Teleporting between enemies (flicker with DPS)

    (can i get a woot?!)

    They also had:

    1) a snaring attack that DoT's life damage over 5s, snare for 3s
    2) a more powerful life DoT for self healing (apparently)

    Veils have had a considerable change, i don't see how people are claiming its a "nerf" because from what i have seen its quite the contrary..

    All in all im realling looking forward to FINALLY having an actually DEVELOPED mage calling because the current implementation feels a little rough and inconsiderate.

    9 Mana regen abilities in a soul that never really runs out of mana anyway clearly demonstrates this.

    Oh and our 2 inferior pet souls.. And our DPS soul that isn't actually that brilliant at DPS (warlock)

    All in all its about time! that's all I can say, it will be nice to finally be back on par with the physical DPS classes after the horrendous amount of nerfs we've taken to well.. EVERYTHING all while they were off buffing melee's...

    I expect a lot of community QQ over mages in the future because right now the melee bads have gotten so used to mages being as we are:


    Anybody who says otherwise probably didn't play pre-1.6 (when they nerfed the hell out of us and buffed physical DPS)

    So yeah, i expect a lot of outrage from the melee bads during SL because they have gotten so used to being more powerful than us.

    But of course... some mage's can polish turds like magic you know ;)
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