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Thread: So are we changing our weapon configurations?

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    Default So are we changing our weapon configurations?

    I was wondering if the new soul will be as effective with a 2handed weapon compared with a 1 handed weapon w/totem. Or even, will this allow mages to dual wield like paragons? If the devs haven't figured this one out yet, that's fine; but please tell us before the expansion so us hardcore raiders can prepare

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    They already told us: the weapons for Harbringer are really cosmetic buffs, and the stats are those of the normal weapon combo we are wearing. All weapons we will get should be pretty much the same as what we've been using up to now. Those 2h weapons on the Harbringer are a nice way to give us a cool look.

    Also, that ensures the weapon type used is known for devs to create animations, without actually forcing us to have a weapon of that type in our inventory. Well done Kervik

    So nothing special to prepare. Unless you mean choosing PA, but hardcore raiders shouldn't have too much of an issue there, plus it's only 100 plat to refresh.
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    Yeah as far as they told us, it's cosmetic buff. Each harbinger weapon gives you a set of utilities like more dmg, self heals or dmg/self heals hybrid. I actually asked that question in the thread Elrar created, as of how will the 1h sword and dagger will look with the Harbinger weapon buffs.
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