I have and had issues with Trion before with certain things in this game. However this new mage soul is just awesome. Imo they listened to a lot of players good and bad and came up with what I would wager the most popular soul that would be appreciated. Cannot please everyone so you might as well please the majority. Excellent job so far and I know there is work to be done still and changes are sure to come as it gets closer to launch. I do not like the chloro change not basing heals off of damage but I will make it work and hope that it will be changed or adjusted to better compensate for the loss due to valor. I am sure it can be worked out. Either way the class looks tough and it suits my game play to a "T". I usually like range but if I can have a better chance at melee vs other melee then I am for it. The weapons are just insanely beautiful and can't wait to wield them in combat.

Ok so just a positive note to Trion on a well done job with the mage soul instead of all this crying by just a select few who never seem to be happy anyways. We all have our gripes about one thing or another but this change is very good imo so kudos to Trion. Now hurry up you punks and get the other souls done so we can start bashing heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!