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Thread: Question on a returning player with looking for a new role!!!!

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    Default Question on a returning player with looking for a new role!!!!

    i am making a mage and my goals i want is to do massive dots and basically let them work and kill them while i keep dotting others and maybe AOE a mass crowd if i have too. I want to solo rifts and solo efficiently and also be able to support in dungeon ques and not get booted.. So my question is can some point me into a good direction and what souls to pick and maybe hold my hand for the first 20 levels and tell me what to pick and maybe explain why would also be nice to maybe have a pet tank . and if this goals make me go to a different class im up for that also. sorry i am tired and if this is Jibberish i sorry been up at work and just re-sub and got my new pets and ready to hit the screen tomorrow when i wake up...

    please keep the flames down i mean no harm its just some of the trees are confusing and don't know here to start first

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    I think you might want to consider a NecroLock spec. Check THIS link for information on it, including a build link and plenty of explanations. It utilises DoTs, has plenty of survivability and pets you can use for tanking, single target or AoE damage.

    Regarding queueing as support in dungeons, we are at a point where the majority of the time that you queue as support, you'll be asked to go DPS. The above NecroLock spec will be satisfactory for this up to lvl 50, but after that it's more likely you're going to need to set yourself up another role. That's a bridge to cross when you come to it though.

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    Necrolock is definitely a good choice for levelling.I usually go to 16 necro for soul purge then start putting points only in lock.

    Around lvl 30 you have to make a decision though. Your pet stops leveling at 30 and becomes useless vs lvl 33+ mobs unless you put more points in necro to get ancient tomb, so you can switch up your build to go more in necro for the stronger pet or try something else entirely.

    Around the mid 30s, lock/chloro becomes pretty good IMO. Not the fastest killing spec but you never have to stop and drink and you can pull more mobs at once than most other specs. Depending on how you spec, you can queue dungeons as support heals with this

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