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Thread: Developer Diary hints

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    Default Developer Diary hints


    1m36s into that video, left to right: Rogue (dual wielding), warrior (obvious armor), mage (similar to the silhouette we've seen teasing the new soul), cleric (staff, chain armor)....

    But it looks like the mage is slightly out front, possibly as the tank? I mean I know the rogue could tank too as a dual wielder but the cleric and the warrior have no shields and the rogue is off to one side... one more sign for the coming mage-pocalyspe!

    Here we see the mage with his two handed sword looking all leader/tank like:

    And a couple seconds later in the video we see that his armor looks quite tough... but also note that the warrior after casting a buff, vanished... bug, or possible warrior stealth soul?
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    warrior gets teleporting soul? More nerf to Riftwalks =)

    and mages armor looks like its ready to take big hits on frontline.
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