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Thread: Best DPS ST & AOE Mage PVE Builds 1.9!

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    Default Best DPS ST & AOE Mage PVE Builds 1.9!

    Now that I have your attention, I just need an answer to the question; What is/are the current highest DPS mage raid builds. I just returned to Rift and haven't played my 50 defiant mage in over a year and at that time SC was the AOE king and pyro/lock for ST. I'm assume things have changed for 1.9. I'm looking for PVE recommendations only. Thnx

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    SC for AoE and pyro/lock for ST.

    But seriously. Here is what I use for AoE: http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...e-pve-dps.html

    There are builds that will do more AoE damage but they won't be as good ST compared to the damage buffs from Pyro and Spark+Cloudburst.

    And for ST the top builds are 36/30 and 28/38 Pyro/Lock. The former has heat wave and thus more burst ability, as well as it picks up Firestorm so the AoE isn't bad. The latter has defile and overall more ST dps. Both make use of Combust, Countdown, other dots, +dmg buffs, and refreshing Life Leech using Void Bolt, and it takes a lot of practice managing all those.
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    Hope you like dot DPS.

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