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Thread: Need to Adjust Pyro Damage UP

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    Default Need to Adjust Pyro Damage UP

    Quote Originally Posted by Izualy View Post
    over 1400 valor and 42 fire resist, planar protection.

    this is a ***ranged*** attack trion.


    Look at this. Sanction Heretic: Instant attack, 15 second cooldown. Hit for 1.9k.
    Cinder Burst: 6 Second Cast, 30 second cooldown. Hit for 1.2k.

    Cinder should either hit for a ton more, or have a shorter cooldown and be instant cast.

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    You don't reference SP or specs for either of them. FR means nothing, focus goes through it.
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    i had to chuckle. Context is lost on the OP.

    yay Sanction vs Cinderburst is so imba, just like how clerics are so imbo OP DPS ahead of Pyro's right?
    amiright? oh wait...

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    Also SH crit, and Clerics get Crit modifiers pretty easily in its dps specs.

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    You're comparing a crit to a non crit from different players without taking into account that one could be a rank 40 and the other may be a rank 1.

    Though this is obviously just a troll from the other dumb thread, it is equally a waste of space.
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    I think you guys are failing to notice Izualy's topic.

    Furthermore basic math alone shows that even if Cinderburst crit, it would be around 1.8k.
    Sanction heretic is still a better spell in pvP, if only for the fact its cooldown is so much shorter, and its an instant cast.

    *waggles eyebrows*

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    I lol after I read the title and couldn't really get through the short statement. It's a major fail attempt at trolling. My pyro as a whole just dishes out tons of damage in seconds. If they want to up my damage even more go ahead but that will just make me even more OP then I already am lol. Next thing you know the op will want some sort of a heal to proc off of FB lol. **** of here trolly lol and stop trying to get my third fav spec nerfed again!!!!!

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