Most of these pertain to PVP.

1) Degeneration changed to instant cast. This spell isn't a problem to cast when no one is paying attention to you. The problem is, when someone is paying attention to you, it's likely you will NEVER purge more than 1 buff.

2) More mobility. Seeing as EVERY melee build for a rogue revolves around rs with ridiculous number of ports and warriors with refreshing rift's about time mages get something outside of having to rely on using HEATWAVE to get a 2nd 15m flicker (which is STILL inside of every 20m gap closer melee has). Normally I wouldn't think this a problem except that as soon as any mage pops flicker, said melee pops ANOTHER gap closer and is right back on you. My personal favorite is using flicker, heatwave, flicker only to have a melee rogue right back on me with hardly a break in stride while getting 15% dmg mitigation AND a buff to dps. So in my efforts to put distance on a melee I effectively just helped him buff himself.

3) Kites removed from DR. Just put this in the PTS and see how it goes at least? Would give some viability for SC maybe...just MAYBE for PVP.

4) Remove the 5s immunity from break free. I'm hit or miss on this one...mostly hit. Maybe refer to #3 for this too. Put it on the PTS and see how it goes. It's just ridiculous to pop a CC to try and break distance from a melee only to have them hit break free and now we're stuck with little to no options to gain distance.

5) Remove the dmg mitigation from aoes in the PVP PA. I'm not really sure why this was put in there in the first place. I was always under the impression aoes were supposed to PUNISH people for either grouping up or not getting out of the fire. My storm shackles (roughly 2225 sp with vengeance) crit for 800 against 50% valor targets. Aoes are a little less than that. I'm sorry, but that's just laughable. I hardly see ANYONE bother cleansing shackles now and more often than not I just see targets run around with them on cuz they hit so soft now (thanks to increased valor AND aoe nerf). Do people move out of aoes? Nope, decent healer can handle those pesky flames on the ground.

6) If we don't get additional ports (ie flicker). At least grant us some added defense from using it since it doesn't work for getting away from any competent melee. As much as I HATE passive procs, since every other class in the game gets them how bout flicker procs 15% dmg mitigation for 3s? Or an instant root to anyone in melee range before we flickered?

I realize mages are perceived by many as being OP. However, I dare say those that perceive a mage as OP are simply not at the top of their game. Either they're undergeared, incorrectly specced, poorly skilled or a combination of the three.