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Thread: Necro pvp buffs

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    Default Necro pvp buffs

    I'm fairly inexperienced with playing mages, and I imagine the veterans would say just don't play Necro.
    But I'm already bored with Pyro and warlock. Need variety! Here are some suggestions to improve necro pvp performance so we can have viable variety.

    *Remove the snare from Death's Grasp and replace it with a 30% speed boost for the melee pet. Why? Because the three second duration of the snare and the fact it procs three times means the target will only be snared for 4.5 seconds.

    *Double the duration of Death's Grasp stun. With PVP PA reducing all stuns by 20%, the three second stun is way too short.

    *Make Empty the Crypts instant cast. It already requires charge to use and the ramp up time for necro is pretty steep already.

    Just a few thoughts

    oh and nerf NBs and VKs lol
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    Necro needs alot more than that to even dream of being able to compete with the big dogs as a standalone soul.

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    Indeed, nothing would please me more than necro being competitive in pvp as well as pve, but doing those few changes would be a drop in the bucket unfortunately. Needs wayyyy more help than that =/ Empty the crypts could be instant and do triple the dmg it does now and necros still wouldn't be at pyro level =(

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    Problem with buffing empty the crypts is it's still a long cd. If all the glamor of necro revolves around empty the crypts...what's it do b/t cds aside die?

    1) Would still like necro heals to be able to crit. Not sure why K decided these won't.
    2) Would love to see some sort of buff to soul purge for deep necro. Seems odd a deep warlock benefits more from this spell despite its presence in the necro tree.
    3) Melee pet needs a gap closer
    3) Melee pet needs a snare/cc immunity castable buff from controller
    4) Caster pet needs the interrupt/silence removed from oblivion? and put on a separate ability. Having to wait on a 2s cast to interrupt a cast is just not practical for PVP.
    5) Lich form should mitigate a bit of dmg. I don't think 15-20% would be too much to ask? Or maybe something really different (and possibly problematic :P), any time the lich is damaged in melee he randomnly ports to a location 10-20m away (internal cd of some sort or something)?
    6) Temporary pets - Animate Dead - new spell, animate a dead enemy/ally for 3s per 10 charge. The animated corpse fills a "common" build of corpse (warrior/rogue = ST dps, mage = aoe dps, cleric = healer...gimpy pet version of course and it just runs loose like other non controlled pets).

    Just some ideas. Currently necro is just a joke for PVP.
    But at least we can get married now!
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