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Thread: New Mage (Alt) need help to understand build guide terms/words

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    Default New Mage (Alt) need help to understand build guide terms/words

    I'm a new 50 Mage (been playing my Main Warr Dps since March 2011).
    Even the Custom Trion builds have words I don't understand: eg. "refresh"-what does that mean AND 'how' specifcally do you do that ?
    Also, I tried Bluedots Pyro/Lock spec(too complicated for me)-it said Turn OFF & ON "Internalize Charge"-how specifically do u do that ?
    Also, I've had no luck on internet finding a build for dps re rotations that are simple-any directions there?
    Thanks, CK

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    Refreshing typically refers to refreshing a DoT (Damage over time). You cast a DoT, then it will tic down to 0 then drop off, you "refresh" it by casting it again. Refresh is just the word used to describe casting a DoT after it has worn off.

    Internalize Charge is a toggle ability (The mage has many toggle abilities) meaning you press it once and it toggles on, press it again and it toggles off. While it is toggled on your spells do 20% more damage.
    Most toggle abilities, Internalize Charge included, drain your Charge while they are toggled on. The charge is the little green/blue (turquoise?) bar that is below your Mana bar. Most spells generate charge, you then use the charge for various stuff, like Internalize Charge.

    So you cast spells to generate charge and toggle on Internalize Charge on to do more damage. Internalize Charge will automatically toggle off when you run out of charge. In some rotations it is ideal to toggle Internalize Charge off and on at specific times, such as right before you cast a really powerful spell.

    There are a number of easier rotations, you will lose some DPS but unless you are shooting to be a hardcore raider it won't be a big deal.

    SC/Pyro (no pet): http://bluedots.org/content.php?144-...(35-31-SC-Pyro)
    51 Elementalist this is a great one if you are a new level 50 due to the huge Spell Power boost. It loses its luster the more gear you get but still a decent build.
    (Scroll or Ctrl-F to the 51 Elementalist / 15 Stormcaller)

    Hope this helps

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    Default Thank-You BlueDot

    Thank-you very much for your helpful/informative reply

    (I finally guessed what refresh meant after buying Xerxes Guide)

    Very Appreciated, CK

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