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Thread: SC AOE Experts - Need help

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    Default SC AOE Experts - Need help

    I'm new to game and have played around with many of the classes at lower level and want to try AOE caster. So in reading the forums, it seems SC is best for AOE caster right? And in most of the AOE specs I see them adding Pyro right?

    So my question:

    1. What spec is the best for AOE or if you have a link I can read what others have said? I read some saying Pyro is still better aoe then SC but I thought SC was "the" Aoe caster in the game? Also at what level do AOE casters really shine?

    2. Do you need to add Ele or Necro soul for a pet to pull? If not how do you pull multiple mobs assuming they are not all bunched up already?

    3. If you do use a pet at lower level, are they strong enough to hold aggro on all the mobs until they are all dead? In my lmiited playing on a lower level SC, my pet would grab say 4 mobs, I would cast an AOE but like half the mobs would break away and attack me, thus my AOE spells would not hit half of them, etc. Am I doing the pulling wrong? Should I forget pet and just pull with AOE or single target spells back to me? Which leads into #4.

    4. HOw do you survive multiple mobs beating on you while you cast your AOE on them? Are their any heal type souls or spells to add to your AOE spec to help you survive the rush of mobs?

    5. Is the AOE caster viable in PVP at lower levels?

    Also I'm kind of focusing on lower level AOE for now so can your answers target say the under Level 20 , not just the level 50 as I wont be up there for awhile, nor have the advanced spells.
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    at that low lvl .. go Necro/Lock build..

    once you get soul purge..you'll never run out of HP and you can just constantly pull one after another

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    AoEing isn't very efficient until you get into your higher levels, upper 30s or so. Your best bet will be to play a Necromancer, toss Necrosis and Looming Demise on your target and pewpew to get your Deathly Calling stacks up. With Soul Purge, you should be able to work very efficiently. Once you get into your higher levels and get the Zealot, you can easily put on your two debuffs and Dark Touch and your pet will slaughter the mob before you even have a chance to cast anything else.

    Make sure you keep your source machine/sigil up to date. For soloing, I'd recommend a HoT or shielding greater essence. Preferably the shielding ones.
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    SC is a decent dungeon spec at lower levels, but not really a viable solo spec until you reach the mid to upper 40s.

    necro-lock is your best option for soloing regardless of what level your mage is.
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    To start off with, I'd recommend Elementalist / Chloromancer for good damage, great surviveability and little downtime. With the earth elemental you get better pet health and great taunts.

    Once you are capable of doing it 26 Elementalst / 26 Warlock is my favorite. I think you can do that around level 38. This gives you warlock armor, 2 warlock self heals 2 AOE's which can be spam-used simultaneously for great sustained AOE damage.

    Pop Burning ground which is a castable AOE followed by devouring shadows which is channeled. Then throw in a Mortality when you get low on health. Lot's of stuff dies in a hurry, and you come out with more health than when you started the fight.
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