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Thread: I'm back, and confused. (Necro / "Gravelord")

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    Default I'm back, and confused. (Necro / "Gravelord")

    Started playing again a few days ago and was completely lost in my souls jumping back in to a lvl 28 character (seriously, they're really confusing).

    I noticed that there was a new "pre-set" type option and have used that to go with the Gravelord spec. My questions are:
    *Is it a viable spec / can you "survive" following it exactly
    *Are necromancer types valuable

    If there is anyone that uses it or uses a necromancer heavy build, I would appreciate some input. I've searched the guides and stuff but don't see anything about necro. Should I take that as a sign and abandon it?

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    I think using the pre-sets are fine up to a point, but at some point you will have survivability issues if you are not using the abilities or souls that are there for survivability. All you really need in Necro at 28 is the points to increase dps, points to boost essence link and soul purge and that is your survivability with necro, you could also put the point in grave rot for an aoe.

    Warlock can give increased survivability with points advancing life leech, and is also good for dps boosting.

    Chloro will give you healing abilities, put points into bloom to make it instance, put points into making radiant spores aoe based and your aoe spells will proc heals more often.

    Also one thing to note is that with necro build you will most likely be tanking more then your pet so having a dps pet up may suit you better.

    You didnt search too good if you didnt come across this http://bluedots.org/old/2011/04/30/mage-leveling-specs/
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