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Thread: [EDIT] forget the bugs, fix entire mage classes in PvP

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    Default [EDIT] forget the bugs, fix entire mage classes in PvP


    Its gotten to the stage that you cant go about fixing a bug here, a bug there to bring mages up to any level of that of rogues, entire mage classes are ruined by 1.7 .

    Heres the run down:

    Elementalist - useless, been useless for what, 11-12 months.

    Necromancer - useless, only used for giggles in Warfronts now if you get tired of playing pyro/lock pyro/dom, fun to watch empty the crypts but you aren't doing anything for your team.

    Archon - not useful in PvP ( i would trade a mediocre rogue for an excellent archon)

    Chloromancer - increase mitigation in 1.7 means less heals, so Chloromancer which was already sub-par to a healing Cleric is terribad (give me a cleric over a chloro anytime)

    Warlock - terrible DoTs, hit for 50pts per tick, watch all your gcd's go to waste with the abundance of cleanses

    Pyro - stand still and cast with nerfed spells. has to be combined with dominator or lock to have a decent chance to speed up and cast against a rogue

    Dominator - useful only for mana drains now, ccing has been terrible since patch 1.2, dps is nothing. Transference for rogues and warriors was nerfed into the ground and their energy regen increased, useless to stop either one from smashing your face.

    Stormcaller - long build up time for debuffs that get cleansed easily, AoE dmg nerfed into the ground with new PA AoE reduction skill.

    Well thats a brief summary of the problems. With many new mmo's coming out in 2012, its time to think what role are mages supposed to be and where are they on the totem pole of dps. As of right now, I would trade any mage for a rogue of the same lvl in warfronts.
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