I recently changed from a staff to a dagger/tablet combo (the PA ones) and i just noticed the issue with a dagger. When using a staff all spells be it buffs/attacks some off the staff itself (like your channelig the spell through it).

Now with the dagger/tablet combo some buffs use the tablet to channel it (visually great) BUT the avatar always belts the dagger to fire off spells (flame spells for example), the catch is, as you fire off multiple spells the avatar constantly holds/belts the dagger back and forth which looks really silly.

Can it please be made to be either they keep the dagger in the hand and channel spells like the staff OR make it so the dagger is always on the belt and the spells always fire from the hand (never switches back and forth between belted dagger and hand).

Also, with the new armor effects (fire/pyro) the spell effects remain on the dagger when it's on the belt even though the same effect is still on the hand aswell.