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Thread: New-er to the game, very overwhelmed in PvP.

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    Default New-er to the game, very overwhelmed in PvP.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a recent resub to the game, after quitting about 2 months after launch. I'm trying to get into the groove of pvp, again. I'm lost as to the viable builds, as the game is very technical, and I'm very overwhelmed by the quantity of buttons. There seem like a lot of abilities, and I would really appreciate any tips that you guys would be willing to give me.

    I was trying out this pyro build.


    (I left the game right after GoS got it's initial nerf.)

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    first off, welcome back.

    my advice is to play with any and all builds you hear about on these forums. next make some of your own builds and play around with them as well. get an idea of how you want to PvP and then make it happen. sorry to kinda dodge the question, but in this game you don't have to PvP with the flavor of the month to top dps or KBs in a warfront.
    Experience is the best teacher.. if you can afford the tuition.

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