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Thread: Chloro Question

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    Default Chloro Question


    I currently run a 52 chloro / 10 lock / 5 ele.

    Tank healing I am using Radiant Spores, Natures Touch and Void Life mainly. When Raid healing or grp healing I use Radiant Spores and Void Life mainly. People have mentioned that void life is only useful when tank healing and I should be spaming vile spores.

    What are you guys doing?

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    I run a 51/10/5 for tank healing and 36/30 Chlorolock for AoE healing. VL's big advantage is the extra proc from synth which doesn't trigger when using LGV. With 36/30 your VS does more damage than in 51/10/5 and since VS heals more than VL with LGV it's a rather nice hps gain.

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    I remember testing this mid 1.6 with a guildy. I spammed Sacrifice life damage whilst he healed me with different spells to find their HPS in 51 Chloro using lifegiving veil.

    Void life was much higher HPS on me than when use used vile spores.

    So if you're AoE healing in 51 Chloro, spam Void life.

    But if you're AoE healing in Chlorolock you obviously use Vile spores ;).

    That being said, I'd still use the occasional vile spores, given that their first tick of the DoT effect heals the raid. So you may as well use it pre-emptively when the raid is topped off.
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