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Thread: Necro/Lock Builds, Help pls :)

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    Default Necro/Lock Builds, Help pls :)

    Hi All,

    Im currently Necro 40 and Lock 20, my end build was going be 40/20/6chrlo i was looking at 44Necro/22lock/0 arch or 40Necro/26lock/0 arch, what id like to know i can solo with my current spec easily but i feel like i might be not hitting my full DPS , when i hit 50 id like to do Dung's i already have all the gear i need in my bank, granted ill need some less ess's hehe but the armor/jew is def above average to start off with for a New 50, so what spec is best for max DPS? I tried Pyro many times and i just didnt care for it as much, I PVE mostly, have never raided due to Real Life Time, but i might try my hand at that eventually Any Advice is very welcome, thanks so much in advance for the reply's

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    i found that the best solo spec to use is 8 chloro 21 elementalist and 37 pyro. i dislike the necro tree because in order to use your pet you have to fully dedicate to the tree where as the elementalist you can have the pet but put points that help out in other areas. and the pyro will help you get some pretty good dps. ive got 1379 spellpower and i sit around 1k dps for this build. if you want to max out your dps i would say 36pyro 30lock 0archon. with that build i hover around 1.4k dps on the practice dummy. hope this helps you!

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    If you are putting that much into necro you really should go all the way and get mass grave. It will boost your dps alot more than a few points in anything else. Even with that though expect to be a little lower than pyro for ST fights and get absolutely smoked on aoe fights. Trion hates pet classes =(

    Elementalist can actually solo even tougher things if that is your main goal, 51ele, 15whatever your earth pet can tank anything short of a raid boss.

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