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Thread: 51 Archon?

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    Default 51 Archon?

    Does anyone play this build? I quit RIFT for awhile because most of my friends went to play another game and now I'm kind of looking to get back into it and was wondering if this build was viable for anything because it was what I really wanted to play when this game first game out.

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    Every raid needs one. There are some hybrid archon builds that are good for 10-mans as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beckmann View Post
    Every raid needs one. There are some hybrid archon builds that are good for 10-mans as well.
    the dispell-bit**-spec? ;D

    @topic: as beckmann said, every raid needs one 51 archont.
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    Every 20-man needs one, and they're damn nice to have in the 10-mans as well.

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    Horsemonkey posted a good guide on how archon works and why a raid needs one in the new guides subforum.

    Good build since degeneration was added in 1.7 and glyphs is not what it used to be: Build Link
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    51 Archon boosts the output of your allies considerably. However it only really becomes good enough at this when you get to 10-20 people (i.e. in raids) to do better than if you simply DPS'd yourself.

    So sure it's useful, but since you're coming back and kind of newby sounding, it's probably not the solo-spec for you YET.

    But it's definitely not terrible as a support role in dungeons.
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