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Thread: Level 48: how to be a great Mage healer?

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    Default Level 48: how to be a great Mage healer?

    How do I maximize my healing in PvP as a 48 Mage? I notice that in the 40-49 bracket that I been greatly out healed by both rogues, clerics, and other mages.

    How do I make what's best of my Chloro Mage in PvP? Level 48

    I am using life giving,, as well as my life damage spells, with bloom and AoE heal here and there.

    Same rotation I did last bracket which I could top. But now I simply can't provide good healing anymore.

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    Stop looking at numbers. Maybe they are just faster at hitting the buttons.

    Lets say for instance that a fan out hits 5 people for 200 damage each, so both you and the bard go to hit an AOE heal. He hits his 100ms before you and heals for 150 on each of the 5 people and then flourish pops out and heals the other 50 each. His numbers go up by 750, yours go up by 250.

    The end result is everyone is full health and still fighting. It would be the same if you hit yours faster and he hit his next.

    I found in the lower brackets that having a full 2/4 sigil with 2 healing greaters and 4 good lessers and some good augmented crafted gear and dungeon drops really helped too. Also try to stay at the back with people always between you and the enemy. Tab target players will never figure out how to hit you to kill you. If you stay alive, you get bigger numbers.

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