This isn't about defilemancer, I'm talking about 51 Warlock, specifically this change:

Item: Nyx's Warlock Crystal: Updated the 4-piece set bonus. It now reduces the cooldown of Empowered Darkness by 15 seconds...
This buff isn't useful and doesn't do nearly enough to bring 51 Warlock up to par with other builds. I have no problem with changing the crystal to focus on 51 Warlock, but a LOT more needs to be done, otherwise this change is literally worthless. Our AE specs do higher DPS single target than 51 Warlock does, there is no reason right now (on PTS) that anyone would run this build.

  • Don't have the crystal buff ED at all, instead have it affect Void Decimation and Neddra's Influence.
  • In addition to the reduced cooldown...
    • Give ED the SLI treatment, make its bonus multiplicative. DoTs already have a ton of +dmg modifiers, the +75% additively doesn't do enough to make it useful.
    • Change how ED works with charge to make stacking with Defile worthwhile -- either consumes no charge, doesn't block charge. This is the most obvious solution but I don't think that it would do enough, so ignore this one.
  • Even better, change how ED works completely. Right now it just seems poorly designed. Example: gives the mage a stacking +dmg buff for each death DoT on target. On 15 sec CD. Crystal increases effect of the stacks.