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Thread: What solo spec is everyone running on Ember Isle?

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    37pyro/11archon/18chloro w/ chloro crystal - most favorite spec to use when soloing

    photogenesis/rasied in nature for hp regen + more base hp

    when aoe'ing cast radiant spores -> flame bolt -> ic -> firestorm (you get 25% more int when you casted radiant and it will keep your hp up)

    love the 25% bonus to int thing so i have lgv macroed (does not share gcd so i'm free to spam it)

    you have bloom flourish flicker for ocrap buttons

    archon is there really just for mana/leeching flames so you dont have to do sl:mana reconstruct all the time

    this spec is like the duracell for clerics imo. nonstop killing. can tank zone event bosses with this spec + antiplanar augmentation.
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