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Thread: RIFT Mage PvP Build Suggestion

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    Default RIFT Mage PvP Build Suggestion

    Hey guys! For any of you who are looking to really do some damage in PvP as a mage, I believe I have a build for you. Now of course, you could go Warlock/Necro/Chloro like a lot do. But I am recommending Stormcaller/Pyromancer/Elementalist

    Now, I do NOT recommend getting Building Storm in the Stormcaller tree simply because it is incredibly hard to understand. Now, granite, you can switch up this build but I recommend getting Heat Wave in the Pyromancer tree because it will allow you to dominate people in some situations. Enjoy.


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    so if its a good pvp spec, you may want to include a macros / rotation used for this also.

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    Would you like to explain, why this build is so good? How do you do against NB/RS builds? Or other players in general? And is this a joke and have I just fallen for the bait? :P
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