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Thread: Petition for Trion to look at pets

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    Default Petition for Trion to look at pets

    I would like to get people on board for this, as it is a multiple class issue, not just Mages.

    ATM, pets only scale with base stats, do not gain from buffs, and do not share AP/SP.

    This is unacceptable for endgame for those of us that do not mind managing our pets.

    In Specific for mages I am talking about the Elementalist builds. Going 51 Ele should be desirable, and for many people it is a great solo spec. However, pet dps is ABYSMAL in this tree. Unlike the Necro builds, or even Cleric Druids, the pets in this build rarely ever provide enough dps to cause deep Ele builds in endgame raiding, let alone standard dps builds. Sure xx/Ele is desireable at this time (forcing most mages to use pets for dps is still a hotpoint for me, but thats another story) but it is due to two basic mechanics involved in Ele tree (Intensify Elements and Tempest). The pet can be a detriment, like when it gets killed by AoE due to poor AoE reduction @ 31 and you can no longer use IE or the bonus Focus from Synergize.

    Currently, I like the state of Necro pets, although for 51 necro they could be adjusted slightly to make sure the damage remains roughly the same (if the CD reduction comes through in the next patch on Mass Grave, increasing the dps of undead through SP scaling would need to be fixed or nobody would be anything other than 51 Nec single target.)

    Please, Trion we love your ingenuity and creativity in the builds, now let us play them all with great satisfaction. And let us argue our new builds to the death, as fanboys are want to do at times.

    My Recommendation (take it or leave it): Make physical pets SHARE a portion of AP, and make Caster based pets (Undead/Satyr/Fae) share SP. Make buffs provide bonuses to pets.

    That is all it would take to fix the classes that use pets and bring the under-performing builds in line with the more acceptable dps of the other classes. This would allow you to stop having to balance dps of pets through +%damage increases and give more consistent dps scaling for all pets from gearing up from here until the end of the franchise, however long it be.

    And while we are having pipe dreams, consider this one Trion:

    Costume slot for pets, insert Lizard/bear/badger/Jackalope here. You wouldn't have to perform delicate balancing acts for having different pets ALA WoW Hunters, it would just be an Aesthetic thing, which your fanbase would eat up. You could even sell specialized pet costumes through the special addition options.

    And for the rest of us Mages out there, please Say you want this and keep the thread alive until Trion decides to at least recognize it and tell us what they might do to satisfy this small disenfranchised group of players who love their beastly companions.

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    I agree 100%, although they could solve this problem even easier than messing with their ap/sp coding. Just make it so ele/necro generic pet talents stack. Like elementalist talents that say 'increases your elemental pets x by x' could just say 'increases your pets x by x'. etc. That way people who really love their pets could take the other pet tree with the remaining 15pts to boost theirs further. The other thing would be to add a 51 pt talent that lets you have 2 pets out at once for ele and necro. No 2 of the same kind, but like air/water or zealot/revenant. Could keep mass grave/swarming flames as 2 or 3 min CD's and it still wouldn't be overpowered or probably even come near the dps of rogues and warriors but it'd be a huge boost in the right direction.

    Also: yes please on a way to change pet visuals. Even if its limited, like air pet can only be some type of air planar like the harpy things, tornados, etc or revenant could only be a caster type undead as to keep the theme and animations proper, it'd be better than nothing. Make them quests, sell them in a cash shop, or artifact lucky horseshoe vendor items, whatever. Just give people a way to customize a bit and that would make alot of people happy.
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