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Thread: SC ELE Rotations

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    Default SC ELE Rotations

    I'm looking for a bit of help with the 3x/3x sc/ele specs. I never used SC during levelling or progressing through t1/t2 as pyro was so much easier for dps and I end up healing a lot of the time. I want to challenge myself a bit more for the times when i'm needed for dps as pyro bores me even if its pretty effective.

    I've found the posts about the complex hailstorm rotation which is something to aim for but before i get there, I need to have a safe rotation i can fall back on when things don't go right. Are any of the experienced stormcallers here able to help?

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    i don't think there is really a safe rotation that is easy and will still be competitive DPS.

    if you aren't doing the rotation using your cooldown abilities and stacking +dmg on your big hitters, cycling though them both, then you won't be doing enough damage to warrant stormcaller.

    i'm in the same boat as you - i'm just goign to practice on a dummy for a while.

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