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Thread: DS now sucks totally

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    Default DS now sucks totally

    I've never QQed before about a skill nerf of any class, but DS has been nerfed into near worthlessness, it's now pointless to try to use it for AoEing groups which was the main fun of playing a 'lock for me.

    How to destroy a perfectly fine skill due to PVP whining Trion!
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    If spamming aoe's was your reason for playing warlock, you choose wrong. Double tap was easy, but 51lock is still very strong without the double tap.

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    Got down to finally try it the other day. I farm/grind PA with a chlorolock spec.

    All those claims about DS being nerfed to the ground in PvE are huge exaggerations. Double tap 'nerf' was called for as it was more of an exploit. The delayed dmg is mildly irritating at times, but seriously isn't enough to warrant all the screaming happening. I believe all the people claiming it to be a significant PvE nerf are closet PvP hardcore people who just want to sound like they are not biased.

    And what VeroMaestro said - if AoE in raids is your thing, warlock is the wrong tree to be barking up.

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