There was a ton of complaining back when Transference stopped energy regeneration for 7 seconds. It was not fair to the warriors and the Rogues to not be able to attack for 7+ seconds.

Well, now we see a ton of 5 second silences from Windspear, an occasional 6 second silence from Shockburst on the warrior side. On the rogue side we have 5 seconds of magic Immunity from Cleanse Soul, 6 seconds of missing due to Blackout and are Smothered for 5 seconds.

Sure, we can use Burn to disarm for 5 seconds and Transmogrify for 6 seconds or until we are Shadow Stalked or Riftwalked. (I think Rift walk does not break Transmogrify, but Shadowstalk does. Unsure if they break Burn)

In the New Rogue Order, is a 7 Second shutdown of energy regeneration really too powerful?

I promise to only use it when a NB uses Blackout! Mostly.