Im just kidding...Im allergic to pecans...I cant have the pie. D:

What I do think would be hilariously fun is some pve dominator action. I have been trying to make a pve build with more dominator just for giggles. Some of the abilities leave me wanting.

I would like something that effectively works like a toned down version of the golden egg you get in CC. Tag a mob, he runs around smacking guys in the face.

Would like my reflection to last longer to reflect channeled abilities and dots.

This could be a soul that can make temp pets out of mobs.

I know that my next suggestion is pvp oriented, but meh...I think it'll slide.
Would love to tag a person with a ability that will effectively make all players red to them for a few seconds (maybe 10 seconds). You tag someone in a hostle/friendly mixed group, they soul drain or motality without regard and end up chewing some of their buddies.