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Thread: New to rift, looking for good leveling

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    Default New to rift, looking for good leveling

    Ok so i just bought the game and i do have MMO experience. I rolled a elemental, stormcaller, pryo. But now im thinking of switching one if not both out. I want elemental as my main (necro was tempting) then i was thinking of adding chloro to be able to heal and have survivability for questing but also when i run with groups i love putting out great dps.

    Is this chloro a good idea for just leveling then switching again when im aiming for dps? or can i go ele, chloro, then either storm or pyro??

    Thanks in advance for suggestions

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    I leveled from the ground-up as Elem/Chloro, striving to get my Earth elemental with Synthesis to keep him alive. I still use it as my soloing build at 50 despite Necro/Lock builds being quite popular.

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    I played around with a few specs in beta and live and settled on warlock/necro/chloro as the best for leveling.

    You'll need something like: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#fgG90/ed/Fgk around level 20

    Then spend your points into the warlock tree as you level. You'll eventually want to put 21 points into necro to get 'Ancient Tomb'. When you do that, however, is up to you. Spend the rest of your points in warlock and you'll find that multi-mob grinding is easy.
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