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Thread: Chloro/lock and 51 Chloro question...

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    Default Chloro/lock and 51 Chloro question...

    I have read everything from Bluedot to the one dated back in May on these specs, but I'm not sure if I am missing something.

    Chlorolock, is that a heals spec or is it a support spec? (I'm looking for a support spec.)

    On the 51 Chloro spec I'm looking for some sort of rotation is there is one. Nature's Fury I see is part the rotation in peoples macros but doesn't that hit like 4 other mobs? So when is it a good time to use the macro?

    Thank you for any help.

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    Chlor/lock is a highly viable support spec.

    The rotation for 51 chloro is VOID LIFE and that's it pretty much (From a main tank healing perspective which is all a 51 should really be used for). For my 51 pve chloro, I put the rest into Lock for +charge and Opportunity. Anytime Opportunity fires, I either throw out a Natures Touch, or fire off a Natural Healing if some catchup healing is needed - or Natures Fury if there is multiple mobs being engaged.

    I don't have Nature's Fury in a macro because of what you said... sometimes it can bounce out and pull a mob or group of mobs, and I like to make sure I'm in more control of that spell to ensure that I don't wipe the group due to it.

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