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Thread: Why equipping Sword and Book is far superior to Staff

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    Default Why equipping Sword and Book is far superior to Staff

    Seen this question asked alot, and here is my answer why...

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    For your build I agree, but for a burst-centered build the staff still gives a fairly significantly higher amount of spellpower, correct? Especially if you're using only one +9SP rune and using the endurance on off-hand...

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    Why is the burning mana stone augment even a valid point? 400 mana is useless for Mages in PvP. 1 more stop cast devouring shadows... survive 2 more ticks of mana wrench.. etc. lol
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    also as an added note: Burning manastones have been broken since 1.1 or possibly before that. (been so long I forget) you can equip one and it will not change your max mana value AT ALL.

    this bug remains even after about 16 forum threads and who knows haw many bug reports.
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    Lol, where were you before the witchstone patch? Sword and book was the worst ****ing thing in the world. I have a darkling skull which I will probably be stuck with until the next 20 man, and even if you don't have a DS, you didn't mention that you need twice the luck on your drops and I don't know if you noticed, but mages have the fewest drops of any class. I would kill for a staff.

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