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Thread: PVP build (SC/Dom/Chloro)

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    Default PVP build (SC/Dom/Chloro)

    This is my recent experiment. It's a build that is designed for control and survivabilty versus meeles - other mages never have been hard to win for me. This spec is just overkill on that notion.

    It doesn't do well if 2 rogues gank you from stealth, but what build does. It also fairs poorly against MM in the open, with LOS at your disposal it can destroy a MM.

    It's extremely effective against wars, only build that I can beat a war any ranking with. LW is a problem tho if they get it on you. It takes time but it works. You must be good at kiting.


    The core abilities I wanted:

    • Deny
    • Wild Abandon.
    • Ride the Wind ( Essential )
    • DPS tricks that apply while squirrelled. Transferance, Traitors influence etc Storm shackle . ( Can go lock instead of chloro for Neadra's but you lose snare removal, and heals.)
    • Instant Squirrel
    • Split personality
    • Mana wrench for clerics with incompetance. ( can make them oom in 10 seconds)

    I have tried various combinations. Warlock is a good option to replace chloro, but survivabilty goes down alot. The increase HP does compensate a bit and the charge burn heal can help if you run away. Also replace SC with lock was a decent build, but you died alot as you had no real gap gain like SC with ride the wind. Lock also kills squirrels a lot and hard to plan.

    I am not a killing machine in this spec like my 51 lock, but it's one of those specs that can get away, and wither peopel down slowly.

    Let me know what you think, I'm really after a spec that doesn't die easily.
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