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Thread: pvp support/heals

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    Default pvp support/heals


    Give chloro/archon a go ^

    Cleansing flames radius is huuuuge with a 35m range, while spec'd to remove a buff from each enemy in the area and remove one debuff from friendlies. On a 1.6 sec cast so spammable. Oh hi there rogue, cleansing your debuffs while removing the buff from you at the same time aoe trolololol.

    don't expect to do amazing damage, well it's alright if you are r6+ but it's mainly a pvp support bi/tch cleansing people, purging enemies and offhealing. Archon auras also help if your team aren't complete derps.

    But yeah, been running this build with great success, that is with signing up for wf's with my brother (p6 heal cleric). Works really well if you sit there camping a friendly cleric supporting his heals and keeping him up while stripping the enemies teams buffs. Great for doing away with planar blade/fellblades/VM/split personality/Mass betrayal/the derp bad guy blowing everyone up with stormshackle etc etc.. Just spam that aoe cleanse+purge and heal while trolling badrogues.
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