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Thread: Are any Necro heavy builds currently viable in PVP?

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    Default Are any Necro heavy builds currently viable in PVP?

    I have been here since day 1, but then off for extended period of time, and now back. Lvl 50...just about to hit p4. Man...what a bunch of changes that occurred.

    I realized in short order my old set ups are utter rubbish, but I just absolutely hate going FotM. I've done some preliminary research on the forums (meaning as much as I can from work) and just wanted to know if anyone has found any viable Necro heavy pvp builds?

    I can put down some ticks, try to get the buffs/debuffs off and send in the pet...and then I die. Repeatedly, constantly. Some of it definitely due to my own lack of skill, and other just due to the horrible damage output.

    So, feasible, or do I just put strong necro builds on the shelf?

    Thanks for help all.

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    44necro17lock5am I believe is the standard heavy necro pvp build. I hear last gasp works pretty good now against the new rogue debuffs, but haven't tried it personally. I typically run a petless lock/necro build with 45lock16necro5am, which will give you increased survivability over the deep necro build, so you may want to give it a look.
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