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Thread: rift warlock opportunity?

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    Default rift warlock opportunity?

    Hi all,

    Well im a little lost trying to find possibilities about the Warlocks Opportunity Icon - is it possible to be moved/resized or anything that makes the proc more visible? Maybe an addon could do this?

    Hope to see a good debat about this. (or maybe an answer )

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    An add-on could possibly do that, but you can also enable scrolling combat text (the exact name escapes me) that makes the word 'Opportunity' pop up in the middle of your screen when it procs. Much easier to see than a tiny buff icon.
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    It should have a class mechanic icon like Pyromancer does for Cinder Burst, but it doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fadorlaian View Post
    It should have a class mechanic icon like Pyromancer does for Cinder Burst, but it doesn't.
    This. Although Pyromancers Armour only affects Cinder Burst, so that was a no brainer.

    I'm not aware of any good add ons for this sort of thing at the moment, but enabling the display of buffs in your on screen messages helps.
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    I had the same issues when I first started playing with the warlock soul. You can complain about it but most likely by the time they do anything with it, if ever, you'll have become accustomed to it enough that it doesn't slow you down at all.

    Also, the new rogue Healing debuffs are OP. QQ QQ QQ QQ
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