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Thread: Elementalist as a Theurgist Spec (From DAOC) in this game

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    Default Elementalist as a Theurgist Spec (From DAOC) in this game

    I've posted this before, But I keep wondering, Why Is the Elementalist not similar to the Theurgist from DAOC, Right now we basically have a Death Pet Line, and an Elemental Pet Line. Having Both is very Redundant in my opinion and cuts down on the synergy of the classes. You basically end up with 2 spec lines that cannot work together at all on the Mage Side, which no other Calling in the game worries about.

    Now for those who don't know how the Theurgist worked in DAOC, Basically depending on what line went (Earth/Ice/Air) you got a Different Pet

    Earth Pets ran extremely fast, and lasted the longest, they also did little damage, They were mainly a form of Interrupt, and groups had to actively clear them off the casters in that game, You could summon as many as you wanted onto the Target, Which made Theurgist Esp powerful in PVP, I don't think not having a cap in this game would work, But you could have a certain limit on how many ya could have out.

    Ice Pets were basically Range Nukers, they were harder to take out as you could spread them out, but they lasted less time, They also had lower HP.

    Air Pets procced a stun, lasted the least amount of time, and had i think about middle HP wise.

    in the end Theurgist were pretty powerful and I really think the concept could be carried over to this game, Not only would it remove some of the synergy problems (Necro/Ele for example, since the Ele pets are uncontrollable) It would get rid of the redundant nature of the elementalist line as well.
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    I have nothing really to contribute other than to say I'd love to see a Thuergist daoc version of that class represented in Rift. Such a fun and visually neat class to play.

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    Yeah me too, im a big fan of "fire and forget" pet classes rather then the forced companion pet classes rift suck us into

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