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Thread: Necro synergy crystal glitch

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    Default Necro synergy crystal glitch

    Since the patch released, I've bought the pyro, necro and lock crystal (obviously the t1 raid gear one).

    Now, in my necro/lock spec wearing the warlock crystal, I suddenly saw the necro 4 pieces proc (+ 75sp when my zealot critted). Basically, if wear the pyro, the p8 or the warlock crystal, I get their buff/proc + the necro one on pet crit.

    After some tests, it seems that once my pet has that bug, it will proc the +75sp on crit even though I have the crystal in bank. I tried reproducing when, for some random reason, the zealot pet wouldn't proc that glitch it anymore. I have not yet been able to reproduce it, even though I spent a couple hours trying various conditions of switching specs, crystal, loadequips, etc etc.

    Now, ALL, I said ALL other pets from other trees (yes, I'm also looking at you split personality) procs the +75sp on crit, but not my zealot pet anymore.

    I've talked about that bug to another mage from my server, and she also experienced it when I told her. Yet, we are not able to reproduce it once the *glitched* pet is not glitched anymore. Once the that glitch happens, logging out wont affect it. A required condition that I have not found, as I said, seems to unglitch it and another mysterious condition re-glitch it.

    Anyone else experienced this or found the condition that glitch/unglitch the necro crystal?

    PS : english isn't my native language, so spare your ZOMG grammar comments ;).

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    well ur no fun. ive had it work only on my non-necro pets and now for some reason it will only proc with my necro pet (while its in my bag).
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    There is a glitch with all pets that results in them retaining buffs they should not retain after being dismissed on death. This glitch in some cases causes old buffs to cancel out attempts at new buffs. One example of this is bard fanfare.

    If you apply a fanfare to the pet and then die, before the pet does, it locks the fanfare onto the pet until the same bard replaces it with the opposing fanfare or the timer runs out. However, even if the timer runs out the pet will re-summon, at times, with the original buffs once again.

    Attempting to change the fanfare from a previous bard also does not appear to be possible. The original buffs seem to prevent any bard but the original caster to manipulate them. My wind pet has had fanfare of power for some time now and it can't be removed. Attempting to cast fanfare of knowledge on the pet results in nothing.

    Also Shadow Rev is still useless for a number of mechanical reasons. Interrupts, limited damage, zero scaling, being one shot by a light breeze... etc.

    51 point Necro is still not doing enough damage do to pets not scaling with main stats properly on top of only receiving base damage modifiers from passives.
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