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Thread: Synergy Crystal - What?

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    Default Synergy Crystal - What?

    I see a lot of talk about Synergy Crystals but I have yet to find a good explanation of what they are, what they do and where to get them.

    So what I think I know...
    There are PVP and PVE versions. The PVE versions come on simple and raid versions. Raid versions get a bonus with set pieces of armor that you get from Raids. Being Defiant, I see some on the Epic Planar Enhancements that appear to be the Simple and the Blighted versions (Simple Synergy Crystal for Magical Offense, Blighted Necromancer Crystal).

    Now, my questions:
    The simpler version appears to be a set piece and at [2] you get the bonus. What other piece goes along with this?
    Are the pieces you can buy from the vendor the raid versions or are the "Blighted" versions something else that requires different armor sets?
    Is there any need for a specific crystal if you don't raid and won't get the raid set? Is there any other way us get the bonus from a synergy crystal without a specific raid set of armor?

    If all this info is available somewhere and I missed it, please let me know where.


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    I'm pretty sure the 'Simple' synergy crystals are for use with Expert Plaque purchased gear.
    The Blighted Synergy Crystals are for use with Raid Tier 1 set gear, ie Amunet's gear which is purchased with Marks of Ascension.
    Nyx's Synergy Crystals are purchased in Moonshade Highlands and are for Raid Tier 2 set gear, ie Nyx's Runeburst and Nyx's Runevoid gear purchased with Greater Marks of Ascension and Hexed Tokens.

    The Synergy Crystals do nothing if you are not wearing 2 or 4 pieces of the corresponding gear.
    There is no reason to buy them if you don't have the gear or do not expect to in the short term future. All they do is improve your performance with a specific soul's abilities.

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