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Thread: How are combust damage calculated?

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    Default How are combust damage calculated?

    From tooltip its 30% of the damage done by the fireball.
    So ok say the mage now stacked their 3 stacks
    Is the fireball dot now ticking for a total of
    .3*(1st FB crit dmg + 2nd FB crit dmg + 3rd FB crit damage) over 8 seconds? or .3*(last fireball crit damage)*3?

    So if above is correct what happen if your 4th fireball crit proc happened to renew the dot what's the damage now?
    e.g You already have 3 stacks of combust up and you pop intensify element which resulted in 50% stronger fireball crit, will it reflect on the per tick damage?

    Anyone? DEV? Bluedot?
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    Could have easily tested that yourself.
    It's based on the damage of your last FB that triggered Combust, with all ups and downs.
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