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Thread: Newer mage, going to start trying SC. Any advice?

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    Default Newer mage, going to start trying SC. Any advice?

    I know, practice practice practice lol. Nobody is going to do it for me :P Outside of that I've seen several different rotations. The one on Bluedots, a few on here. Yes, i will tune myself over time but for starters is there a rotation that might be easier on mage newbs? lol. Or am i best suited to just suck it up and take the best/hardest rotation available and just pound it out over time with experience etc? I WAS using a defile Neco/lock and I want something more. I LOVE pyro so will be keeping my 35/31 pyro build as well but like a lot of you I like to be/stay competitive(Read top dps possible, not just keep up with others) Anyhow, any advice is welcome especially considering I'm a lol1button(actually 3 but who's counting) spam warrior convert~!


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    Learn this simple single target rotation first:

    Raging storm(or thunderbolt to refresh electrified, electrified powers up your main damage spells)
    Ice shear (to apply debuff which amplifies the effect of your electrified)
    Lightning strike (hard hitter)
    Cloud burst filler until electrified is at 2-3 seconds

    After mastering that, add static flux before Lightning strike/Raging storm, and excess charge on cloud bursts.

    That is quite easy. Next you'll want to move onto the Buildingstorm/Arctic blast rotation. This is an extension of the previous rotation but uses your buff Building storm to power up your hypothermia causing moves (only Arctic blast and hailstorm are of note for this). Building storm gives 100% more crit damage if you crit, and each stack of building storm increases your chance to crit by 20% (talented). Each attack with building storm on adds a stack, and all stacks are consumed upon using your hypothermia causing spell. So something like this:

    If charge permits you to use building storm this early:

    Building storm on> thunderbolt x2 (max electrified now)
    Ice shear (now you have 60% more crit chance from 3 stacks)
    Arctic blast (this will hit a ton if you've done everything correct so far)
    Lightning strike
    Cloud burst until electrified is nearly out
    Raging storm(thunderbolt if on cool-down)
    Repeat from ice shear (once you repeat, Arctic blast will be on cool-down. You will be using Arctic blast only every second rotation).

    Add static flux (20% damage boost) before your big hitters (lightning strike and Arctic blast) when you feel comfortable.

    The next tier of higher DPS with stormcaller single target is adding hailstorm to the mix, with 3-4 building storm stacks as it is casted similarly to Arctic blast. Instead of confusing you with a long rotation, you should just practice making it fit where it makes sense to get a feel for it ;)
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    Soul Sky, Awesome! thanks a lot, this should be pretty straight forward to master.

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    I just want to point out that you need to make sure that when you are doing the AB/BS rotation, you do raging storm while the target is affected by hypothermia because of the substantial dps boost you get...

    I normally fresh electrified stacks > IS (BS and SF on)> LS > AB > RS(BS and SF off while channeling) > IS > LS because there really is no need spam cloud burst when you get can get into the burst part of the rotation quicker.

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