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Thread: Do Trion developers have low IQs? (Pyromancers)

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    Default Do Trion developers have low IQs? (Pyromancers)

    While i respect people with disabilities i really think that the people in charge of class balance are giving developers in general a bad name, having looked at pyromancers very recently and changed a few things seemingly with pvp in mind such as a knockback, is it possible that someone of average or high IQ could join a warfront on a pyromancer and think that its balanced vs other callings/specs? Pyro is a mages burst/damage spec so you think they could hire somebody smart to take a look at it. Just playing pyro in about 5 different variations today at p8 after the updates to pyro has made me loose all faith in trion.

    It does less damage than any other dps, it has less surviability than any other dps, it brings less to groups than any other dps. Basically the only way to be a mediocre 'pyromancer' in anyway is to do abit of healing with adding chloro on or add abit of utility with dominator. To Trion...fire hurts, its does damage, i hope you burn your mouth on that hot pizza you stuff your face with daily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caution View Post
    While i respect people with disabilities...
    Thank you for that qualifier. Without it, this post would've been pointless and completely off-base.
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    LMAO @ Bleeds comment.

    Anyway, OP is clueless, Pyro is just crazy good right now. See pic below OP


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    Default Screamo

    I guess I didn't make that WF Screamo, kick Spyderpig for me the next time you see him.



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    today a cinderburst crit my blue wearing, new 50 marksman for 1850, then I crit back the guy for 1900 with deadeye.
    that was pretty funny.
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    Probably not low IQs so much as big egos and confidence they know what we want and what the game needs, even when they are massively, utterly wrong. Most MMOs to date have experienced this. Developers start out with a decent platform. Good ideas. Then they get the big head and make changes. Usually sweeping changes. Those changes alienate and drive off the player base. Then the developers realize "oh ****, we messed up!" and revert some changes, but by then it is too late. DAOC. EQ2. SWG. Even WOW. They have all experienced it at one point. The list of MMOs that haven't is far shorter.

    So this is by no means a new development, or even unexpected. Give any developer enough time, and they will kill their own game. It's not a matter of if, so much as when.

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