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Thread: Level Without a Pet Now Possible on Pyro?

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    Default Level Without a Pet Now Possible on Pyro?

    I think the Pyro changes are a step in the right direction for leveling without a pet. There are some of who hate having pets.

    I think now, Pyro really packs a good punch and the blowback of Flamejet keeps enemies away.

    The only way I think you can level Pyro without a pet however is with some points in Ele so you start the battle with the overpowered Lightening Bolt.

    Other thoughts?

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    Default Has been possible

    Been leveling my mage as pyro without a pet for some time. Take some care, but seems quite possible to me.

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    I got all the way to 50 playing Pyro so it can be done, is it the easiest route to take, no way. I had a Pyro/Archon/Chloro build that I used. The shield from Archon and healing from Chloro were nice. You also pick up the armor buff from Archon and you can use pillaging stones and searing vitality to help out your cause if you work to keep them up.

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