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Thread: So has the Mage fixes....

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    Default So has the Mage fixes....

    Increased the Mage STD and made them more competitive with melee classes?

    Just curious, as I feel Trion hoped these fixes would keep us happy, although I am not so sure. I haven't had a chance to raid since the patch and wondering those who have, how much difference you have seen to your STD on bosses?

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    without changing my rotations much (and without t3 4pc bonus) my pyro DPS has gone up by between 50 to 100, and my necrolock DPS has increased by 100-200. This was only tested over one raid, so I can't say for sure if it will be consistent.
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    Is pyro still best 35 pyro and 31 ele?

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    What mage fixes? :O
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