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Thread: Stormcaller Necro Spec??

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    Default Stormcaller Necro Spec??

    I've seen a few ppl running this in pvp on my shard and I was interested what it's like. Has anyone tried it? What would you suggest to run with this spec?

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    Not going to lie, it sounds awful on paper. The two classes have absolutely zero synergy.

    I've been wrong about totally oddball specs before though.
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    Actually yes. This build had some minor usage before the static discharge nerf to not effect auto-attacks. This is because you, obviously, use empty the crypts with your own SD and gain 70 procs of SD instead of your normal 20 (10 if you dont have a pet...which you do). Now-a-days? Nope, waste of your time.
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    Actually in PvE a 44/22 Stormcaller necro spec can pull not-terrible numbers by using lightning burst and the higher DPS necro pet. Someone posted a thread about it ages ago.

    It's true there really is no synergy, it's just about where you can get the most from 22 points if you go 44 SC and the necro pet hitting really hard.

    I'd say the drop is about equal to using 51 pyro instead of pyro/ele. You do get some fun toys along the way too, with a purge, FD and a healing debuff for the rare relevant mob.

    The best rotation i found looks like this:
    Build archon buffs (as always).

    Raging storm to build electrified
    Ice shear
    2 cloudburst
    toggle BS
    3 cloudburst
    toggle SD (and cooldowns)
    Arctic blast
    toggle BS
    Lightning burst
    toggle SD

    start again from raging storm

    Keep the debuff that buffs pet abilities up on the mob.

    At the time when I tested it I was hitting about 90% of a conventional BS/AB rotation (NB, BS/AB, not AB/HS which is obviously better and thus would be a larger performance improvement). That's without using necrosis which may have been an improvement. So, not really for raiding, but kind of fun for messing about in experts.

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