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Thread: Rogue Changes

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    Default Rogue Changes

    So, do you guys feel the way I do about the new rogue changes? I think the new Marksmen of 1.5 will take our last vestige of pride. I think Marksmen will have the highest AoE DPS in the game now. What are your guy's thoughts about the subject?

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    Mages have more Swagger.

    The Rogues in my guild were saying that Marksmen still won't be that great, or only good on a couple fights. I honestly just don't know.. If they are OP i'm sure the forums will let us know in a hurry ;)

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    Go read the PST forums... a last minute ninja nerf to one of the new munitions may have a very harmful impact.

    (Bluedots <3 your site I've been leveling a Mage lately and have found tons of good info there)

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