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Thread: Stormcaller and Pyro

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    Default Stormcaller and Pyro

    I'm been playing Necro/Lock/Archon for my PvE/PvP on my mage for a long while now and I wanted to try out the SC and Pyro and wanted some help improving the builds for PvP. Now I know as a Pyro/SC you are suppose to rely on your healers to heal but I don't ever seem to get heals when I need them so I was looking for something that would have more survivability. I already have a Chloro/Lock and Chloro/Dom witch I have been having a blast with but wanted something with more of a burst damage then damage over time.

    SC - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...Gttbtcc0o.McVh

    Pyro - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...cusuuckto.Voss

    I'm looking for help on what I can do to change them up to work best in PvP, any and all suggestions are welcome but please keep trolling to your self.

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    If you are looking for burst damage, why do you have chloro in all the builds? If you have a chlorolock and chlorodom, do you really need to put it in the other builds as well? There is a pyro build thread floating around, you may want to look at that. Although, I did try a pyrochloro a while back myself, but I only had 8 points for bloom, and it actually worked pretty well as a solo pyro build. As for stormcaller, either 44 points or 51 points seem to be the basis if you actually want to burst things.

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    I run 44/16/6 sc/am/Dom

    It does great burst and I have no problems taking down stupid munchkin chlorolocks that the kids play while they learn how to pvp

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