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Thread: What I would do to get a real tanking spec....

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    Default What I would do to get a real tanking spec....

    Yeah i know, talk about a month or so ago. I just surprised myself this week


    with 233 DR. No runes on chest/shoulders(using int +13). This is just buffed, no shadow life. Not using enduring vial either

    WTB Toughness gear + tank soul!
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    I thought this post was going to be about what you would do to get a tanking soul for mage... like cut off your left nut or something. I'm disappointed.

    I too would like a mage tanking soul.
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    Love that all you gave was your health and mana bar. Genious.
    Quote Originally Posted by lgw View Post
    Another FAILTHREAD by a poster with an ego problem.
    Jeez, why has it always to be the Mage forums to attract such... ?!

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    A number of people have come up with ways to make the Elementalist soul a tanking soul that used the Earth pet, as in a pure tanking soul that could actually MT raids.
    All the ideas have been good, or at the very least had some clever ideas, but with the major flaw that the pet AI, or the engine that runs it, is rather lackluster. Raid encounters would have to be watered down to allow a pet that cannot be controlled to tank. The other option would be to improve the pet system, but this is likely a bigger project then we, as the players, know. As of right now there is nothing in the game that allows you to take full control of another unit, which I am assuming is because the code isn't there. The only option would be to do a major rework on a park of the game engine.
    Of course they could just make a soul that is a petless tank, which could potentially be fun but there isn't a reason for it since there are already 3 callings that can tank (Unless you're a rogue in Hammerknell, lolololololol).

    I guess the point of my rambling is, Molinar and Matron satisfied my Mage Tank urges. I'd prefer they spent development time on improving and refining Mages as a DPS/Healer/Support calling, then trying to add an entire new category. But, if they decided to add a Mage Tank soul I wouldn't complain.

    Edit: Oh and nice stats OP!
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