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Thread: 44Elem/22Pyro, how does it compare to 35Pyro/31Elem?

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    Default 44Elem/22Pyro, how does it compare to 35Pyro/31Elem?

    I have parsed both, and the difference is relatively small for me. But, that may because I am doing something wrong with 35/31 (and 44/22 is so simple to use).

    Has anyone tried 44Elem/22Pyro?

    Edit: This is my 44/22 build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1z...zuc.VtIkogkAtz
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    15% damage on fireball spam or pyro armour + heatwave

    errr, looks like a no brainer as the 13 points you drop from pyro would have given 13 x 1.2 fire damage.
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    You're losing ~15% damage from burning bright, intant cinder bursts, less damage in ground of power, and heatwave, to pick up elemental armor. This doesn't look like a fair trade to me.

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