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Thread: SC/Ele AOE rotation

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    Default SC/Ele AOE rotation

    Hi guys,
    lately I have seen and read on the forums about amazing parses on AOE fights for sc/ele, and since I'm far from those numbers, I was wondering : is there a AOE rotation for sc/ele ? There are plenty of thread about the ST one, but I couldn't find any hint on how to max AOE other than the easy

    Hailstorm > FLx3 > LF > restack 3 elect

    that doesn't produce amazing numbers.
    I have tried switching on BS and use AB to refresh the hypo stacks, but without success.
    Another thing : if you have 1-4 mobs probably FL and LF are your best weapons. What about when you have 5? and 6+ ? when it's profitable to use Lightning storm?

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    A simple and effective way to AOE:
    * start: 3x FL => IS on main target
    * cycle: LF => FL to 3 Elec again => refresh IS if needed
    * charge dump at 80+: activate SF and BS before LF, after restacking to 3/3 fire AB
    If you don't need to have some big burst ready soon (say small adds on Matron) switch FL with LS and HS with AB. Feel free to mix in some RS and LS (with SF & BS on) on the main target if you have sufficient AOE damage.
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